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About us

      There I was, together with Dushka, Bram and Yvonne in the beautiful Uruguay in the middle of the Gaucho’s at a Gaucho festival in Minas. The relaxed atmosphere, the radiance of the Gauchos and the smell of delicious assados ​​(meat) gave me a special feeling that I will never forget. It was as if I had gone thirty years back in time. Here our love for the beautiful authentic boots and alpargatas (espadrilles) arose, which are worn by young and old.

      We immediately bought a pair of boots. The beautiful stitching on the side of the foot of the boot combined with the tabs on the top gave the boot a unique look. When we put on the boot we were completely sold. The heel has the perfect height for walking all day long. No tired, burning feet, blisters, tightening straps or sagging ankles anymore. On the contrary, the longer you wear them the better they sit down!

      It was clear: this was the moment we thought ‘what do we need and what do we have to do to import these beautiful Gaucho boots and alpargatas’. The idea for CharruaZ-estilo webshop was born. Our products are hand-made by various families lovingly and in a traditional and traditional manner; of beautiful leather and a sole with wooden nails.

      We do sales online and in special craft markets. In addition, we believe that fair trade is the driving force behind sustainable economic development. In this way we make a positive and valuable contribution together, both on a cultural and on a social level.

      My MBA training enables me to fully dedicate my professional and practical side to Charruaz estilo, in which Yvonne, with her scientific background, can make transcendent connections and is a star in networking. With her creative mind, Doesjka is the one who takes care of the styling, is up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and continues to feed on the fashionable and creative level.

      We hope that we will greatly enjoy everyone who values ​​a combination of tough, elegant and comfort with CharruaZ-estilo products.

      From 2005, almost a decade before the launch of CharruaZ-estilo – the company that imports authentic Uruguayan gaucho products – Uruguay feels like home … Casa Ivoña.

      Bram and I got to know and appreciate Uruguay in all its facets; we got married and for my oral health research I lived in Uruguay for three months. Every year we made several short trips through the interior. In 2009, Bram and I traveled on all routes that Darwin traveled for the journey with the Beagle. It was in 2013 that Bram and I unexpectedly witnessed a grand Gaucho festival, a locally organized festival with a parilla (a very big BBQ). There I saw for the first time real Gauchos with typical Gaucho boots on horses and there I tasted tasty fresh beef warm from the fire in nature. I saw and tasted the traditional atmosphere of Uruguay and I was sold myself … and completely devoted to the very nice people, their products and the country.

      Uruguay is the best kept secret of South America!